How to Make a Cappuccino at Home


How to Make a Cappuccino at Home 

Making a cappuccino at home is a great way to switch up your coffee routine and learn about how the baristas do it. Furthermore, it's a way to practice your steady-hand skills and eventually be able to create stunning designs on top. 

Here's a quick 5-Step Tutorial on how to make your own cappuccino at home. 

1. Heat the Milk

**If using an automatic coffee brewer or pour-over, start brewing your coffee first.

The first step to making a delicious cappuccino is to steam your milk of choice. You need to take 1 cup of milk and heat it up in a 2-quart saucepan. Make sure that it doesn't boil. Heat only until you start to see bubbles showing up on the side of the saucepan. 


2. Froth the Milk 

Remove saucepan from the burner. Then use a hand-held electric mixer to froth the milk to your desired froth-level(?). Make sure to raise the speed of the mixer as the milk thickens. 


3. Brew Van Zandt Coffee

Now is the time to start brewing your Van Zandt Coffee. Fan favorites are Hondo Sidekick and Blanka. For a cappuccino at night, use our decaffeinated Night Cap. Grind and Measure 2-3 tablespoons of Van Zandt Coffee in 6 ounces of water. Either brew it in an automatic coffee maker, drip it, or french press it. 


4. Pour The Cup

So if we were to make a cappuccino with our espresso machine, we would brew 1/3 cup espresso first, followed by 1/3 cup of the steamed milk. You then use use foamy milk and your artistic ability to create something like this:


Van zandt coffee, coffee, cappuccino, how to make a cappuccino at home with Van Zandt coffee


5. Sweeten or Spice It Up (Optional)

There's a couple of ways to mix it up when making a cappuccino. 

- You can add natural sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar to your brew for a sweeter taste

- You can use different types of milk such as almond milk or chocolate milk.

- Dashes of chocolate powder or nutmeg are common toppings to add.

You're now ready to enjoy your cappuccino. Try making them with different types of Van Zandt Coffee. Such as Columbiana or our newest roast, Texmala.


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